Thursday, September 17, 2009

Self Portrait Challenge Number 2

Norleen Sommerville, New Zealand

William Matheny, USA

Rosa Ovies, Spain

Rhonda Carpenter, USA

Rajalekshmy Usha, USA

Prabha, India

Pedro Barahona, Spain

Nacy Standlee, USA

Milind Mulick, India

Manjiri More, India

Lique Schoot, Netherlands

Laura Starrett, USA

Kathy Los Rathburn, USA

Kathy Kreidler, USA

Jill Polsby, USA

Janet Thomas, United Kingdom

Ginny Stiles, USA

G L Everest, USA

Fookie, USA

Dustin Strong, USA

Dominique Eichi, USA

Dolors Barberan, Spain

Davida Schulman, USA

Dana Richards, USA

Dana Herz, USA

David Lobenberg, USA

Cindi Deweese, USA

Bobbi Heath, USA

Beckie Saar Leone, USA

Barbara Salor, USA

Barbara Muir, Canada

Here we are World with the top of our heads adorned. Enjoy! Thanks to all of you who participated!!
I will be putting out a 3rd self portrait challenge soon, but I need your help. Can you submit some ideas for self portraits ranging from every day prosaic to wild and whacky?!

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