Monday, July 20, 2009

American Hells Angel Bad Boy

I painted this a few years ago. It was one of several watercolors that I contributed to a biker fundraising art show to raise money to help individuals recover from serious accidents. I suggested that they simply get rid of their dangerous motor cycles and purchase Volvos. They all ignored my good advice!
I post this as a reminder of our second self portrait challenge: A self portrait with head ware...hats, helmets, scarves, etc. Let your imagination run free! Any art medium including digital. The due date is September 12. Send your art to me at:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Please go to my "David Lobenberg" blog (click on " View my complete profile" on the right, then scroll down to my two blog listings and click on "David Lobenberg") and go to the July 7, 2009 post. Thank you, and I'm looking forward in seeing what our global community of artists come up with!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm an artist, not an editor. I figured I'd get some spelling of names all screwed up. I even missed posting (to date) two portraits...nuts!! Look for Bob Dahquist's very unique self portrait. He lives right around the corner from my studio and I missed him in the great GLOBAL love in!!! Also, I missed posting Beckie Saar Leone's wonderfully colorful and expressive SP. She emailed me wanting to know if there was something wrong with hers...hell no! And finally, I have added a very intriguing self portrait by Davida Schulman. Look for these self portraits at the top of the group of my previous post.
I'm hoping everything is correct now but probably not! Odds are good that I'll have more corrections and additions. Want to bet against that prognostication?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Global Self Portraits

Tami Hortlathwell, Canada

William Matheny, USA

Laura Starrett

Terry Banderas, USA

Pierre Debroucker, France

Juan Carlos Cardesin, Spain

Gary Everest, USA

Laura Climent Munoz. Spain

Davida Schulman, USA

Beckie Saar Leon, USA

Bob Dahlquist, USA (Polaroid SX-70)

Barbara Sailor, USA

Barbara Muir, Canada

Maria Kovalenko Leysens, USA

Wendy Shaul, USA

Vinayak Desmukh, India

Vicki Behringer, USA (courtroom artist)

Deborah Ross

Sidney Eileen

Ruth Andre, USA

Rosa Ovies, Spain

Rhonda H Carpenter

Rahina Qh, Scotland

Patty Ray Avalon, USA

Padmini Satish Kumar, India

Myrna Wacknov, USA

Monica Blazejack, USA

Mike Bailey, USA

Meera Rao, USA

Marilyn M King, USA

Manjiri More, India

M Jose Barrera, Spain

Kathy Los Rathburn, USA

Liza Hirst, France

Kathy Kreidler, USA

Judi Smith, USA

Karen Fulk, USA (3 dimensional)

Juan Valdivia, Spain

Juan Mallol, Spain

John Wang, USA

Jocelyn (aka: Soulbrush), Great Britain

Jo Anne Elig, USA

Jeremy Elder, USA (digital art)

James Ross, USA (digital art)

Hilda Hall,USA

Heather Rison, USA

Gerhard Ritter, Australia

Enrique Llamazares, Spain

Doriene D. Marshall, USA

Dolors Barberan, Spain

Diana Boyd, USA

Dana Richards, USA

Craig Stevens, USA

Conroy Hudlow, USA

Clive Powsey, Canada

Carol Marine, USA

Carmen Jimenez, Spain

Brian Elig,USA

Ambarish Joshi, India

Arti Chauhan, India

Anna Morales, Spain

Aditya Shirke, India

Susie Gregory, USA

Seago, USA

Milind Mulick, India

Cindi Deeweese, USA

David Lobenberg, USA