Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm an artist, not an editor. I figured I'd get some spelling of names all screwed up. I even missed posting (to date) two portraits...nuts!! Look for Bob Dahquist's very unique self portrait. He lives right around the corner from my studio and I missed him in the great GLOBAL love in!!! Also, I missed posting Beckie Saar Leone's wonderfully colorful and expressive SP. She emailed me wanting to know if there was something wrong with hers...hell no! And finally, I have added a very intriguing self portrait by Davida Schulman. Look for these self portraits at the top of the group of my previous post.
I'm hoping everything is correct now but probably not! Odds are good that I'll have more corrections and additions. Want to bet against that prognostication?

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  1. wow , a blog about self-portrait !!! my favorite theme . sure that for me all painted by a human being is self portrait some awy . but i realy love to see how people paint thenselfs . and in 10 works i do , at least 7 are self-portraits , so , you imagine how i feel coming here .
    thank you .