Monday, July 20, 2009

American Hells Angel Bad Boy

I painted this a few years ago. It was one of several watercolors that I contributed to a biker fundraising art show to raise money to help individuals recover from serious accidents. I suggested that they simply get rid of their dangerous motor cycles and purchase Volvos. They all ignored my good advice!
I post this as a reminder of our second self portrait challenge: A self portrait with head ware...hats, helmets, scarves, etc. Let your imagination run free! Any art medium including digital. The due date is September 12. Send your art to me at:


  1. great watercolor painting David !!!!!!
    jan :)

  2. What beautiful work here at what other Artist had sent in to this blog. I am very impress with your blog.

  3. i love this! and i am not even a hell's angel. i love the way you did the hair and the beard. if you are bored, would you critique the recent portrait i posted called Joy. My third painting of faces.

  4. David, a great work, a very well done watercolor.....Your art is fantastic.