Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The first edition of the Self Portrait Global Love In!

Wow! What a great response. This new blog I have opened is something that I had not initially planned on doing. Originally, only a few months ago, I was doing a "paint-offs" with a very talented artist in India by the name of Milind Mulick. Our last challenge was to do our self portrait. I felt that the word "paint-off" was too aggressive and since Milind and I were so far apart on the globe, why not call our "paint-offs" "global love ins"? But a "love in' means a get together of shared joy by many people. For you older folks, remember the fabled "Woodstock", the great music concert in the early 1970's in the USA? As the English saying goes, "one thing leads to another" and here we are at an expanded self-portrait paint-off now titled Self Portrait Global Love In.
The world over, as we all are aware of, there are those that are very organized and, to borrow another English phrase, "get their ducks in a row", and then there are those that are less organized...energetic and enthusiastic, yes, but do not have their ducks in a row. Artists of the globe...that's me! I did not require any particular photo requirements. Some photo files came in small and some came in very large, so if the self portraits jump around in terms of size and quality, that is why. Under each portrait will be the artist's name and country. A few may have some additional information for unusual art medium. I provide no artist links. Sorry, I need to earn a living as well as operate two blogs, and adding links would just add to much time on my posting process.
I hope for this blog to evolve with my ducks maybe getting into a tighter row. And last but certainly not least, I hope this humble blog continues as an internet nexus for artists the globe over to share and celebrate their passion for rendering the human face.

I will post the self portraits in no particular last name order. Please contact me if I have misspelled your name.


  1. Great job. I'm impressed at how quickly you put up the posts. This was so much fun.

  2. Oh what fun to see all these portraits!! David, Thank you so much for all your hard work, time, enthusiasm.

  3. hey this was fun.. thanks for all the hard work, david.. wonderful artists.. great portraits!! could learn something from everyone of these!! wow!!

  4. David, lots of nice computer work for someone who's as artsy-fartsy as you are. It takes me forever to load 4 little photos on Blogspot. This is quite an endeavor. Thank you.